Super important: Can we get a dark theme option on this forum?

I have a discourse instance running with this option, and it is so nice to my eyes.

I think it would increase community involvement 10x, at least.


I love dark mode, too! Totally support this motion. :wink:

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There is an easier way.

Enable the following flags(if you are running any chromium-browser)


These are links, just copy and paste in your address bar.

After that, it will ask to relaunch the browser and done. All websites will be in dark mode now.

Well, I do like that trick, thanks!

Unfortunately, it doesnt work on my iPhone, where I get blinded in the nights.

I see.

I’ll get on it

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Any word on this?

@tsu how are we going with the dark theme?

Some update @pbassham - the designs are done. We’re getting it implemented once the frontend team has resources freed up


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