Pause Button & Data Sync for a Slash GraphQL

Hi Team,

Since I am working alone & after office hours, I am moving at a snail’s pace.
I have to get a UI to an acceptable level before wiring it up with an endpoint.

Due to my OCD, I keep deleting the instances created in Slash GraphQL because the allotted credits go down even if I am not using the endpoint. (I don’t know if I am right, I used it for a very short period of time for POC).

So it would be awesome if there’s a PAUSE or SLEEP button for the instances generated, I can sleep in peace at night knowing that the virtual currency is not going anywhere :sweat_smile:

Also if I am developing locally, if I can borrow some data from the endpoint to my local and vice versa, so I can work offline or sync whatever data I generated in local to the remote, that would help in development!

P.S. Thank you team for adding Subscriptions as well, I wish I could catch up :sweat_smile:

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Hey Abhijit,

The credits do not get consumed unless queries/mutations are executed. Having an unused running backend costs nothing. You can be at peace about that.

And regarding working offline, we are working on the import/export features. Also, the live-loader will be available with the GRPC support. All of these are coming soon…

EDIT: HTTP/2 is now live on Slash GraphQL

EDIT2: Import/Export and GRPC support is live.